Lois Cid

Detail from 9th May 2020. ©Lois Cid

As of 9th May, my friend Lois Cid was spending lockdown in Brussels, in his partner’s apartment.This circumstance led me to think of the possibility of getting him to document an excerpt of time and place, as some sort of evidence. Adding this to the fact that my sister is also based in Brussels, the opportunity was set to team up with Lois to bridge the gap imposed by events of late.

Lois Cid (1993) is a Galician visual artist, currently enrolled in a Master of Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. His work is connected to the human experience in conjunction with the environment. Cid’s extensive research constitutes a valuable study of terrestrial space, which forms the backbone to most of his artistic practice.

From Melting Structures (2019-). ©Lois Cid

His ongoing body of work, ‘Melting Structures’, marks the last part of a trilogy devoted to the analysis of contemporary landscape. His previous projects, ‘New Land’ (2017-19) and ‘Sobre el paisaje conocido’ (‘About the known landscape’ 2017-18) address this subject from first a future and then a present standpoint, respectively. With ‘Melting Structures’ Cid focuses on the ephemeral characteristic of contemporary constructions, thereby covering the last temporal form, the past.

Installation piece of Sobre el paisaje conocido (2018-19). ©Lois Cid
From New Land (2017-19). ©Lois Cid

The only requirement of this assignment was for him to go and visit my sister, taking a photograph of this encounter. In the journey that separates these two locations (5,8 kms), he could create whatever he thought would  represent the pulse of that specific space in that specific moment in history. The approach would be down to his decision, and the results, as any form of fate, unknown.

As a result, Cid created an audio piece by recording the ambient sound from his whole journey. This recording is layered by the normality that we infer from the many sounds, conversations and other effects encapsulated in it. However, beneath these layers, it speaks of a time that is anything but normal. Similarly, it preserves an extract of a personal and untrasferable experience, but still manages to capture a global feeling from these days:

Finally, this piece registers the reaching a goal (the encounter and photograph of my sister), but it has the ambivalent attribute of being the goal itself.

Portrait of Pilar, 9th May 2020, Brussels. ©Lois Cid

If you want to know more about Lois Cid and his work, you can find him on his website loiscid.info, his Vimeo channel or his Instagram @lois_cid.

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